After some specific animals sliding games, here is a shooting game with GrandPa!

Dr Kawashima had the brain training game, Go Play has the brain speed game.

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Throw your boomerangs to collect fruits... to begin with, apples and then pears. Your are limited in the number of times you can throw, so be efficient to recuperate a maximum number of fruits per throw. There are not a lot of boomerang games so make sure you have fun with this one!
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Boomerpop is a boomerang game. A little boy throws his boomerang and you're in control of it. Your goal is to recuperate all the pieces. I have to warn you, it's not easy.
This game was played 278 times
Girado is an excellent boomerang game. Through 22 levels(more than 6 bonus levels), you have to throw a boomerang from one person to another. The production of Girado is excellent. I like the design and the music... be careful, it quickly becomes difficult.